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Thursday, October 19
11:00-12:00 pm EST

What's New in DigitalOcean? Go inside DigitalOcean's Product Roadmap for this Year and Beyond!

From its beginning, DigitalOcean has served developers and the businesses they build with simple and highly capable cloud infrastructure. So what comes next for a product as tried and true as DigitalOcean’s platform?

In the What’s New in DigitalOcean webcast, product experts from across the company will showcase all the new and exciting products, updates, and upgrades we’re bringing to the platform. Join us to learn more about our latest products and enhancements—and get a sneak peek at what’s in the pipeline for Q4 2023 and beyond.

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What's New in DigitalOcean will dive into detail about:

AI & Machine Learning: Build production-ready AI/ML apps on Paperspace with streamlined Hugging Face and Spaces integration powered by Nvidia H100 GPUs.

Powerful storage enhancements: Exciting updates to Droplet backups, scalable database storage and Managed Kafka.

More power, same simplicity: Discover more about new droplet types like Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets, Cloudways Autoscale automated WordPress hosting, & more.

Hassle-free security: Find out more about DDoS Protection on the DigitalOcean platform.

Robust, low-cost support: Users are clamoring for affordable support options—we've got them.

What's New in DigitalOcean is designed for:

• All current DigitalOcean Customers who are looking for insight on what’s new and upcoming for DigitalOcean

• All prospective customers curious to learn more about DigitalOcean’s products and services


JavaScript knowledge
Node knowledge
Database knowledge

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Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets 
• Overview and highlighting the architecture
• Improved capabilities

• Live audio/video streaming
• Live events Streaming
• Online Gaming
• Analytics & Data Processing

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