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What's New and What's Next at DigitalOcean: Managed Kafka, More Droplet Choices, GPUs for AI/ML, and More

Get the details about a host of investments in and updates to our platform available now and in coming months that together make DigitalOcean better suited than ever before to help startups and small businesses thrive. From new, more robust support for AI and machine learning apps to brand new Droplet types, we’re building a better DigitalOcean every day.

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Paperspace, cutting-edge NVIDIA H100 GPUs; simplified start with AI/ML with model deployment templates; significant network upgrades, integration with Hugging Face, Spaces, DigitalOcean SSO, and improved management tools including metrics, history, and logs

Managed Kafka, a fully managed event streaming platform as a service 

• More options and automation for DigitalOcean Backups

• Upgrade storage without having to update cluster configurations with Scalable Storage for Managed Databases

• Powerful Basic Premium compute is coming to Managed Databases 

• The next evolution of Droplet, Premium General Purpose Droplets 

• Enhanced memory and storage for Basic Premium Droplets

• Highly-performant Object Storage in the Bangalore, India data center

DDoS Protection, free robust defense for your apps

• Versatile support plans for every business

Cloudways Autoscale, WordPress hosting with powerful automation


JavaScript knowledge
Node knowledge
Database knowledge

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Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets 
• Overview and highlighting the architecture
• Improved capabilities

• Live audio/video streaming
• Live events Streaming
• Online Gaming
• Analytics & Data Processing

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Dive into DigitalOcean with a $200 credit

Check out a few exciting product enhancements coming to DigitalOcean soon or available now: