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Start fast with Kubernetes 1-Click Apps

What can you do with DigitalOcean Kubernetes?

API and Backend Services

Use DigitalOcean Kubernetes to deploy, scale, and manage the services that power your applications. From authentication to message queues to custom app logic, deploying to Kubernetes provides portability, availability, and efficiency for your services.

Web Apps

Deploy your web applications to DigitalOcean Kubernetes for easier scaling, higher availability, and lower costs. Kubernetes also makes it easier to release new versions seamlessly.


Run GitLab core components on DigitalOcean Kubernetes to manage your development lifecycle, or just the Gitlab Runners to easily scale your build and integration pipeline.

The perfect playground

Full Kubernetes API

When you provision a DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster, we spin up a Kubernetes control plane and provide an endpoint to use with the kubectl CLI or any Kubernetes ecosystem tool.

Kubernetes in minutes

Choose the types of worker nodes you’d like, the data center where you’d like to run, and provision your own cluster in minutes. Download your kubeconfig file to start using through the kubectl command-line.

Managed Service

DigitalOcean continuously monitors your Kubernetes Control Plane to make sure you are always able to access and deploy to your cluster.

Open API

Seamlessly integrates with your existing tooling and workflows. The DigitalOcean API makes it easy to create, update and manage your cluster through our API.

Guided Configuration

We'll walk you through the steps to easily connect to your cluster, deploy an application, and add additional resources like storage and load balancers.

Certified Kubernetes

DigitalOcean is a gold sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), of which Kubernetes is a Graduated Project. DigitalOcean Kubernetes is certified as part of the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program.

Chris Roebuck

Founder and CEO

With $200 in credit, you've got more than enough money to run multiple clusters during your free trial. In our free Kubernetes Curriculum you'll find more than 30 tutorials you can try, covering topics including cloud native  application design, deployment, and operations.

After your trial, you can keep the Kubernetes clusters you want to continue using, and destroy the others. Since the DigitalOcean Kubernetes control plane is free, you can run single-node clusters for as little as $12 per month.


An ultralight service mesh for Kubernetes that gives you observability, metrics, reliability, and security without requiring any code changes.

Monitoring Stack

An integrated stack – composed of Prometheus, Grafana, and metrics-server – for Kubernetes cluster monitoring.


Open source software which you can use to easily create a beautiful website, blog, or app.

Mattermost Operator

Mattermost is the open source messaging platform for DevOps teams. This Operator helps you run Mattermost at scale.


A Functions as a Service framework for building serverless functions with Docker and Kubernetes.

Easily create clusters that run preconfigured open source software.
Install using-facing applications like blogs or chat, or sidecars to better operate your own containers.


KubeMQ is a Kubernetes native, enterprise-grade message queue broker, designed to support high volume messaging with low latency.

DigitalOcean Kubernetes provides a production-ready environment for running containerized apps.
With its developer-friendly experience, you can easily experiment as you learn Kubernetes.

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High Availability Control Plane

Run workloads reliably and remove single points of failure from clusters. The control plane spins up clusters and scales quickly as the API load increases.