Beautifully simple backups

Cloud storage made simple

Your data, stored securely – without surprises. Spaces makes it simple to store your data at any scale, with a beautiful interface, powerful API, and zero pricing surprises.

Spaces features

Create Spaces in an instant

We’ve simplified the essentials of object storage to save you time. Simply name your Space and tap Create, and you’re ready to go in seconds.

Scalable storage

Ideas are meant to evolve and expand, not conform to storage limitations. Spaces provides scalable storage so your projects always have room to grow.

Available as a standalone service

Combine Spaces with other DigitalOcean products or use it as a standalone service, whichever suits your needs.

Bring your backups to DigitalOcean’s reliable, predictable cloud storage and back up as much (or as little) as you need to. 

Use our simple storage to back up your servers, NAS or even your laptop. Big or small, you can rest easy with predictable billing. We’ll take care of the rest.

Powerful simplicity

The same simple interface you know and love from DigitalOcean’s platform, for your data.

Choose the tools that work for you: use our powerful API, or our beautiful cloud interface and manage your data in a single place.

Go global

Spaces lets you store your data where it’s most convenient for you.

Our cloud storage is available in New York, Amsterdam and Singapore, with more regions added regularly.

Cloud storage without surprises

We do things differently: Spaces features predictable billing for your data, so you can sleep easier.

Store as much or as little data as you like, and we’ll only charge for what you use — there are no hidden fees or limits with our cloud storage.

$5 per month

250 GB of storage

1 TB of outbound transfer

$0.01 per additional GB transferred

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Common uses

All kinds of projects and tasks benefit from simple, scalable, and reliable object storage. Here are just a few examples:

Application storage

Big data or small, back your application with our cloud storage for highly available data pools that grow with your team.

Sleep easier knowing your servers, databases, files and assets are backed up using our reliable cloud storage.


Store your web assets, big or small, in one place. Host video, images or other content in Spaces for affordable, long-term cloud storage.

Web assets

After our production launch, we expect that millions of VR content creators and server operators will have the need for Exabytes of new digital storage for the virtual reality environments they have created. Spaces is perfectly designed to make this process far easier, sidestepping the complexities of typical hosting solutions.

Philip Rosedale, Cofounder & CEO, High Fidelity

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The combination of Fastly and DigitalOcean Spaces can provide joint customers with a custom, scalable log collection and storage solution. Spaces can also serve as an origin to Fastly's edge cloud platform, which provides fast, secure, smart asset delivery and transformation.

Simon Wistow, VP of Product Strategy, Fastly

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