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  • Zero infrastructure management
  • Highly scalable

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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the free trial?

If you are eligible, your free trial will start when you sign up for DigitalOcean. You will need a credit card so that we can verify your identity, but you will not be charged or billed during your free trial.

Who is eligible for the free trial?

New customers to DigitalOcean with a valid credit card are eligible. You are eligible if you have never been a paying customer of DigitalOcean and have not previously signed up for the free trial.

What can I use the free trial for?

You can use the free trial for any infrastructure services provided by DigitalOcean, for example all Droplet plans, Spaces Object Storage, Block Storage, and Load Balancers.

What are the terms of service for the free trial?

The free trial requires that you access the DigitalOcean Terms of Service

Are there any limitations with the free trial?

The $200, 60-day free trial provides free credit up to $200 that must be used within 60 days. If you go over $200 in infrastructure services during the 60-day period, any overage charges will be charged to your credit card.

After 60 days, any active infrastructure services running on your account will be charged at the standard pricing, as described on the DigitalOcean website.

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Code to production in just a few clicks

Fully managed solution

 Use a simple, intuitive, and visually rich experience to rapidly build, deploy, manage, and scale apps.

 Secure apps automatically. We create, manage and renew your SSL certificates and also protect your apps from DDoS attacks.

 Focus on what matters the most: building awesome apps. Let us handle provisioning and managing infrastructure, operating systems, databases, application runtimes, and other dependencies.

Maximize developer productivity

 Get out of the box support for popular languages and frameworks like Python, Node.js, Go, PHP, Ruby, Hugo and static sites. Have apps in other languages? Simply provide a container image and App Platform will do the rest. You can deploy container images from Docker Hub and DigitalOcean Container Registry.

 Deploy code directly from your GitHub and GitLab repositories. Automatically re-deploy the app when you push updates to your source code.

 Run code with little to no customization. App Platform uses open, cloud native standards and automatically analyzes your code, creates containers, and runs them on Kubernetes clusters.

Scale apps, not costs

 Keep costs low and easily optimize resources and costs as you scale apps. By running App Platform on DigitalOcean’s infrastructure, we make it simpler for you to control costs. 

 Scale horizontally or vertically to handle planned or unplanned traffic spikes.

 Maximize availability with zero downtime deployments. Your apps remain available not only when you scale up or out, but also when you roll out new changes.

What can you build with App Platform?

Learn more about the common use cases

Web apps

Build dynamic apps in popular languages like Python, Node.js

Static sites

Create websites that are fast, secure, and highly scalable


Add automation via APIs

Background workers

Improve efficiency by adding background workers

Predictable and affordable pricing


Try App Platform and deploy static sites

Build static sites

Deployment from GitHub

Automatic HTTPS

Bring your custom domain

Global CDN

DDoS mitigation

Unlimited team members

Outbound transfer – 1 GiB per app

Build minutes: 100/mo

You can build and deploy 3 static sites for free. Every additional static site will be charged $3/mo.


Starts at


/ month *


Prototype your apps

Starts at


/ month

Build static sites

Build and deploy dynamic apps (e.g. Node.js,
Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Docker)

Deployment from GitHub

Automatic HTTPS

Bring your custom domain

Global CDN

DDoS mitigation

Unlimited team members

Application metrics – Hourly

CPU – Shared

Auto OS patching 

Vertical scaling

Outbound transfer – 40 GiB per app

Build minutes: 400/mo



Deploy your production apps

Starts at


/ month

Build static sites

Build and deploy dynamic apps (e.g. Node.js,
Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Docker)

Deployment from GitHub

Automatic HTTPS

Bring your custom domain

Global CDN

DDoS mitigation

Unlimited team members

Application metrics – Per-minute

CPU – Shared & dedicated

Auto OS patching 

Vertical scaling

Horizontal scaling

High availability

Outbound transfer – 100 GiB per app

Build minutes: 1000/mo

See App Platform in action

Check out how easy it is to build, deploy and scale apps

If your dynamic app has static site components then all of them will be deployed at no additional charge on the Basic and Professional tiers. This is in addition to the 3 free static sites that you get as part of the Starter tier.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Google Pay (with an associated credit card). For additional payment options, including wire transfer, purchase orders, and ACH, please contact us. Note that when you add a card, we may send a temporary pre-authorization request to the issuing bank. This pre-authorization charge is immediately released by DigitalOcean but may take a few days to clear from your card depending on the bank.

Easily add serverless components to your app

 Build or enhance your apps by adding serverless components with DigitalOcean Functions.

 Get started quickly with free monthly usage of functions.

 Leverage a unified experience for apps that need long-running servers and on-demand functions.

Getting better all the time

We regularly add new features to DigitalOcean App Platform to ensure users stay on the cutting edge. Read the blog to see recent improvements to App Platform.